We’ll Get Them Next Time

The Lady Lions journey at the regional tournament in San Antonio

  After a well played season, the Lady Lion girls’ basketball team has put up their uniforms. They traveled to San Antonio to compete in the regional tournament and face off against the Victoria West team and the Brennan Bears. The team made it all the way to the Regional Championship. And after a weekend of games claimed the title of Regional Semi-finalist Runner Up after losing to the Brennan Lady Bears.

  To start off the tournament the girls played the Victoria West Lady Warriors. The game was exciting from the start. The girl’s began the game with a strong offensive game as well as a solid defense. The lady Warriors had a particular player that could shoot very well. In the first half the Lion defense played her a little too relaxed. In the second half they put more pressure on her which resulted in less points being added to the Lady Warrior score board. In the end the Lady Lions were able to secure a lead early on and maintain that lead for the duration of the game. The Lady Lions were able to walk away that night with a victory!

   The Lady Lions advanced to the next game of the tournament was against the Brennan Lady Bears. This game didn’t start out as well as the first of the tournament. The Lady Bears’ offense was very well constructed. The team had a lot of shooters as well as a pretty solid defense to give them the upper hand. The Lady Lions struggled to keep up with the fast scoring bears. They fought the whole game but they were not able to outplay their opponents.The resulting score was 33 Leander, 49 Brennan. The Lady Lion girls basketball season ended that night.