Project Graduation has another Kendra Gives Back event

On January 12, 20% of profits from Kendra Scott’s Domain location went to Project Grad

Austin Graham

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Nan Palmero via Flickr CC

Kendra Scott bag displaying their logo. At all times, 20% of their proceeds from their charms go to a local or national beneficiary.

Project Graduation recently teamed up with the Kendra Scott store at the Domain in Austin to raise more money. The event is something commonly done by the company and is called “Kendra Gives Back.” For an allotted time period on a certain date, the store will give 20% of their proceeds to the cause/group the event is held for.

“The Kendra Scott Gives Back event last night is a great fundraiser,” Project Grad president Vivian Plein said. “We had to advertise the event to get as many people there, but they handle the rest.”

The philanthropy surrounding these events is that “Here at Kendra Scott, we always have something to give. What matters to you, matters to us,” as stated on their website. Candy and other sweets were served at the store during 6-8, the time the event was held. The amount of proceeds made for Project Grad will not be known for 6-8 weeks.