JV basketball trumped by the Eagles

JV boys turn out unsuccessful against Georgetown


Austin Graham

JV boys Chris Jones and Seneca Jones during practice. The boys practice in the morning before school, during their class period and after school.

The JV boys played Georgetown on Tuesday night, January 26. The boys lost the game to Georgetown with the ending score of the game being 27-55.

“We could have had put more effort into our game on the defensive end,” junior Blane Smith said. “On the offensive end we were pretty stagnant and better movement could have given us a better result.”

The boys played best in the third quarter scoring 15 points in the first half of the game. Senior B’Jon Allen made two free throws in the first quarter scoring the majority of the points with the only other player scoring being Kevone Graham with a basket.

“I was just letting the game come to me and not trying to force anything,” Allen said. “I feel like the team gave it their all. They played hard and defended well. It’s just that the shots they took weren’t falling for them.”

In the second half, the team scored 12 points, ten of which were scored in the third quarter alone. Allen was the only player that scored in the fourth quarter, making two out of his three free throws.

“They were having one of those games when nothing wants to go in,” Allen said.

The boys lost their previous game on January 22 against Dripping Springs. The final score was 37-61. Their next game is tonight against Vandegrift at home.