Football holds spring festival


Jack Densmore

The entire football team in a huddle after the spring festival. The festival included a band, cheer, and Blue Belle performance.

The Lions football team held a spring festival on May 21st at Bible Stadium to show off all the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior players for next year.

“I feel great,” junior Michael Barry said. “We’ve improved a lot more than we did last year. We have overcome a lot with a few coaches changes and I just feel like we’re more ready than we were last year.”

The festival included performances from the band, cheerleaders, and Blue Belles. Before the football players entered the field the Blue Belles danced to “Welcome to the Jungle” (an almost iconic intro to every football game). The varsity cheer squad was also announced during the festival. The festival ended off with a showcase of the future football teams.

“The ultimate goal was for everyone to come out and meet the team,” Barry said. “It was more of a here are our incoming seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, and they brought up the eighth graders from Running Brushy.”

The football team finished off their spring practice a few days after. Many of the players feel good about the upcoming season after working hard in practice.

“For me personally they wanted me to focus more on blocking,” Barry said. “Based off of last year they wanted me to work on my blocking rather than my catching.”

Football kicks off on August 21st against Stony Point.