Lions Fall to the Cougars

Leander Lions lost to the College Station Cougars 38-10

by Caleb Nyberg, Reporter

Lions fell to the Cougars in district opener 38-10 at College Station, becoming the Lion’s first loss of the season, now standing at 3-1.

“Very high energy in the stadium.” Junior Linebacker Mathew Hield said. “we had a lot of energy going into the game, we were very excited and confident.”

Throughout the first half of the game, the Lions were keeping the game close and competitive. By the end of the first half, the score was 17-3, College Station was up, junior Kicker Ivan Rodriguez was able to give the Lions points before halftime.

“At halftime we knew we needed to make adjustments,” Hield said. “The coaches and the team knew changes needed to be made and they tried to do anything they could to put us in a good position but nothing was clicking.”

Defense was putting their heart on the field, Senior Safety Gavin Brezinski was everywhere, coming out the game with 15 total tackles, along with Junior Linebacker Langston Brady, racked up 10 tackles. Unfortunately, the defensive efforts were not enough to come home with a win against the College station Cougars, as they were still able to run up the scoreboard scoring 21 points in the second half.

“To play defense you have to be a dog,” Senior Defensive Lineman Joe Vasquez said. “we just had to keep our heads high and go til’ that clock hit zero. Now we’re just focusing on Glenn, we’re ready to show we’re not a team to play around with, we need to show we’re the real deal.”

Next game for the Lions will be home against the Glenn Grizzlies on Friday sept. 30 at 7 P.M.