Lions fall short against McNeil

Varsity tennis shows strong team against the Mustangs


Matt Kostoff

A Lions tennis player getting ready to swing during the tennis match against McNeil. The tennis team would later lose the game.

The Lions faced a tough defeat against McNeil High School with a score of 8-11. Varsity member and senior Ricardo Owens shared his thoughts on how the team went.

“I personally think that we did pretty good overall, but we still have the need to execute on some spots in the lineup.” Owens said. “We did pretty good on the doubles both guys and girls, but as I said, we need to execute and make plays to be able to win matches.”

Matthew Archibald, another senior varsity member, thinks they need to work on a few things before victory could be in their hands.

“We have to serve consistently,” Archibald said. “And increase our solidarity of our doubles.”

Owens believes that even that they lost, there is still some good from the game.

“We didn’t do too good on some spots on the line up against McNeil, we did well in giving them the idea of what a Leander Lion is made of.” Owens said. “We showed them that we’re not going to stop until the last point of the match. No matter what the score is. That we’re going to to give our best until there is no more points to play. That we don’t sit down during breaks, but we are the first one in the court waiting for them to start again. No matter if we’re down a set, we come back and give more effort and try our best. I know that we’re on the right path to becoming a very dominant team overall in our district.”

Next week on September 8th, varsity will be facing off against Vista Ridge at the home court starting at 4:00.