Lions lose challenging game to Taylor

Farias believes there’s still promise for the team.


Matt Kostoff

Ricardo Owens(Left) and Russel Thomas(Right) play a game of doubles against Taylor. Next week they’ll be going up against McNeil.

The Leander Lions tennis team lost a challenging game to Taylor High School with a score of 6-13. Senior varsity member Luis Farias thinks that amidst the loss, he did the best he could.

“There was improvement in some areas for me this game.” Farias said. “My ground strokes have been consistently getting better and now I can have nice rallies from the baseline.”

Another senior, Russell Thomas also believes he did very well in the game.

“I believe I played pretty well. “ Thomas said. “My consistency is what helped me succeed.”

However, he also believes he could still improve.

You can always improve on your shots.

— Russel Thomas

“I could always work on my serves and backhands.” Thomas said. “You can always improve on your shots. Even the pros are. My backhands and serves are my weakness. With serves you don’t need a hitting partner to practice. You can just go and practice.”

In terms of the team on a whole, Farias found some things they did really well, but also things they need to improve on.

“The team had good performances in all areas, and has improved since the season started. Our mixed team (Adhithya and junior Emilie Scanlon) is a strong one, and I’m confident they’ll have success when the season starts.” Farias said. “All we need to do now is win the crucial points and consistently win the points that we have the advantage on.”

The varsity tennis team will be facing off against McNeil at McNeil High School on September 1st at 4:00.