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Students prepare for GAHSMTA show

Austin Graham

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Austin Graham

Ad for GAHSMTA on the back of the Anything Goes program. This is the third year of the award show.

An Austin event that is about to turn three years old is the Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards, GAHSMTA for short. It is an award show for schools all around the Austin area. When schools perform their musicals, they can have judges attend to review, critique and possibly award their show. Throughout the show, there is a small group of specific students who perform entertainment for the audience, the select ensemble.

”This being my second year I’ve really got to experience lots of different people from all different schools around Austin,” senior Lynley Eilers said. “I’ve gotten to meet some amazing new people that have become my lifelong friends getting to bond through art and specifically musical theatre.”

The select ensemble begins the show every year. Once the entire crowd is in the Long Center, out of nowhere a spotlight appears on a student that was hiding in the audience and they begin to sing.

“We’re all gifted in song, dance and acting which really culminates into this fantastic program and group,” senior Tristen Banuelos said. “It makes an ensemble and the family we experience is enormous. You take anywhere, from one to six groups of students from another school, and put them all together in this ensemble and it’s fantastic the effect we get as a group.”

The students have already been rehearsing for four months and will continue to do so until the performance. Tickets for the performance go on sale March 28.