Solo to State

by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

The band traveled to Rouse High School for the 2013 UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday the 23rd.

The previous record for the number of qualifiers advancing to state has gone from 37 to 85. The previous record for the number of Division 1’s received had been 84, but it has gone up to 127.

Sax Ensemble members who qualified to state: Zach Kirkland, Rachel Moore, Adam Nance, and Daniel Smith.

Trumpet Ensemble members who qualified to state: Andrew Thompkins, Joey Tkach, Laren Edwards, and John Longoria.

Clarinet Ensemble members who qualified to state: Sam Wallace, Benson Chao, Nicolas Gonzalez-Granado, and Ian Neal.

Low Brass Ensemble members who qualified to state: Logan Stovall, Martin Edwards, Alper Orkun, and Hunter Gage.

Double Reed Ensemble members who qualified to state: Clayton Koch, Kimberly Orr, Madyson Wynn, and Marshall Fielding.

Horn Ensemble member who qualified to state: Marlen Carrillo, Anthony Leeber, Brittany Laramore, and Tommy Bennett.

Flute Ensemble members who qualified to state: Abhishek Pratapa, Dayana Buccarello, Elizabeth Molina, Jessica Jones, Brooke Pickering, and Jamyelle Tanksley.

Clarinet Choir members that qualified to state: Holly Ekas, Sam Bray, Joseph Rexrode, Kelly Terrell, Nathan Snyder, Dylan Roberts, Claudia McCoy, Mattew Weakley, and Derek Sanchez.

Sate Solo qualifiers: Anthony Leeber, Marlen Carrillo, Ben Koch, Andrew McCreary, Isaac Johnston, Juan Mago, Abraham Mateo, Richard Hensley, Bodie Malik, Hayden Cline, Justin Campbell, Noel Rivera, Luke Poche, Robert Lanning, JR Alberto, Stephen Apineru, Cole Scott, Derek Sanchez, Jessica Jones, Abhishek Pratapa, Martin Edwards, Nicolas Gonzalez-Granado, Holly Ekas, John Longoria, Logan Stovall, Jamyelle Tanksley, Laren Edwards, Kimberly Orr, Logan Wirth, Aaron Campoy, Alper Orkun, Nathan Snyder, Alex Rangel, Daniel Traub, Clayton Koch, Ian Pickering, Sam Bray, Lilian Pham, and Joey Tkach.

First Division Class I Solos: Garrett Gage, Ian Neal, Rubi Vera, Taylor Pirtle, Rachel Moore, Adam Nance, Elizabeth Molina, Brooke Pickering, Dayana Buccarello, Irene Bermudez, Elisa Hiebeler, Megan McPherson, Samantha Wallace, Madyson Wynn, Tommy Bennett, Evan Nordin, Kris Blanscet, Matthew Weakley, Alan Champion, Colton White, Ryan Carpenter, Todd Biggerstaff, Kaitlin Fairless, Andrew Lopez, Alana Winklepleck, Zach Kirkland, Joseph Rexrode, Quinn LaBrie, Taylor Schaffner, Hunter Gage, Brittany Laramore, Cole Scott, Robert Lanning, Luke Poche, Cody Lalonde, Stephen Apineru, and Ben Koch.

First Division Class II Solos: Hannah Reese, Josh Ledbetter, Jared Vanaman, Winter Daniel, Martha Arredondo, Emily Harp, Chris Hopkins, Vanessa Winklepleck, Bridget Lensing, Caoilinn Payne, Tristen Banuelos, Kayleigh East, and Scott Davis.

First Division Class III Solos: Jacob Nevins and Blake Evans.

The next performance for the band will be the Teacher Appreciation Concert on March 4 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the band hall. After the concert, next year’s show will be announced.

The band will be performing at the L.I.S.D. Jazz Festival on Tuesday, March 5 at Cedar Park High School at 7:00 p.m.