Podcast Review: Lore

Hit podcast examines eerie history and folklore

by Michelle Parker, Staff Writer

From 19th century serial killer Belle Gunness to the doppelgänger of Emilie Sagee, Lore explores the non-fiction aspect of horror. In its presentation, the hit podcast allows the ambiguity of folklore to connect with facts for a whole retelling. Produced and narrated by author Aaron Mahnke, a career storyteller, Lore explores the dark sides of history and superstition. This audile experience merits a 5/5.

Mahnke researches his subjects well, and includes facts not found in a cursory google search. His in-depth analyses reveals multiple perspectives on dated cases. Unlike other horror podcasts, the content covered isn’t fiction. Each tale is true, or at least, what was believed to be true. When in ambiguous stories, Mahnke bases his narration on people’s accounts. Rather than jump scares and increasing tempos, the eerie truth is allowed to speak for itself.

We enjoy a well-told, well-written tale. It allows us to escape for a moment and live in someone else’s world. Story is in our DNA and it’s our legacy. 

— Aaron Mahnke

Storytelling isn’t just Aaron Mahnke’s job; it’s his passion. The podcast covers stories from across the world and through the times. The episodes aren’t presented in a frightening manner, yet some details are gruesome. Moreover, Mahnke’s narration is smooth, easy to listen to, and polished. Without haste, he manages to cover complex narratives in under 30 minutes.

If you’ve ever worried about ghosts or vampires lurking in the shadows, this won’t quell your fears. The series covers every ghastly corner of folklore and superstition. Some may describe the show as chilling as true stories are recounted. While without profanity, some episodes have mature content, yet it is presented tastefully. Nothing is exaggerated and the information is presented accurately.

Lore is horror and folklore mixed together with a musical accompaniment to complete. Somehow, Mahnke explains the inexplicable. The biweekly podcast is published on most major podcast platforms and Lore’s website for free. The show received the iTunes Best of 2015 award and has more than six million average listeners monthly. Soon, a Lore television series and book will be released.