Dear Ms. Queen

A letter of appreciation


Jharna Kamath

A letter of appreciation for all you do. Thank you.

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

Dear Ms. Queen,

Countless students have come through your classroom struggling with math, school and life. Through your seemingly endless kindness and patience, you manage to make every one of them feel comfortable and welcome. 

“Ms. Queen has helped me realized that it’s okay to ask help for others,” senior Miranda Lim said. “She creates an environment that makes any student feel comfortable to come talk with her, no matter the subject. She’s helped me feel confident to ask questions in my other classes, as well as ask other for help when I’m struggling with personal issues.”

You help us learn more and be more capable than we ever thought was possible. 

“She tries to help everyone learn, and she sees the potential in everybody,” senior Jordan Su said. “I think one of Ms. Queen’s greatest skills is her ability to change the way students look at their math abilities. She has a special way of making students more and more comfortable in math. Even when she’s feeling a little under the weather, she always makes sure to put her students first and provide endless learning opportunities for them.”

The time you spend helping us makes us realize what is actually important and stops us from worrying so much about what isn’t. 

“She teaches in a way that helps students focus on the learning of the subject and not just the grade, which is hard to do with today’s high schoolers,” Lim said. “It was eye-opening to me as a student, and really helped me shape how I learn now.”

You work hard to make sure we have everything we need. No matter how much we’re struggling, you try your best to help us succeed. 

“Ms. Queen has always made sure to be very in touch with each of her students,” junior Emily Hamsa said. “She works closely with me to make sure I have the tools and strategies to be successful, and I know that she does this with each student that she has. She cares for us all very much and it’s very apparent through her actions.”

Beyond school, we can come to with all of our worries and problems and know that you’ll listen and do whatever you can to help. 

“She sets aside time for us to come talk to her about our lives, what we’re struggling with, even our concerns about our friends and families,” Lim said. “I’ve never had a teacher that is so willing to get in touch with their students like that. It’s heartwarming and one of my favorite things about her.”

Thank you for showing us that as long as we work hard and try our best there is always someone that is proud of us and cheering us on.

“She has taught me when to be humble and when to hold my head high and I think it has improved my learning environment and my outlook on high school,” junior Kayla Gillen said. “[Without her,] I know 100 percent I would not be the person I am today. She has always been there for me as a role model and mentor in life that inspires me to find purpose every day.”


Your students