Hailey Stevenson: Homecoming Queen

By Molly Aldred and Sabrina Pratt

   Tall and tan with long blonde curls—this is not the stereotypical image of an intelligent, dedicated woman. However, Hailey Stevenson has all of these characteristics and inspires us daily. Not only is Hailey a four-year varsity swimmer, student body president, active member of C², and this year’s Homecoming Queen, but she is also a considerate, caring person with high values and strong Mormon beliefs.

   Her positive aura brightens everyone’s day and her excellence makes her the perfect role model. Hailey strives to be the best and has very high standards. “I want to be an effective leader and change the world,” she said.

   To be a teenager and have dreams of leaving the world a better place is truly impressive.

   During an interview, Hailey explains her daily routine. She starts by waking up at 4:50 a.m. every morning in order to attend a group seminary at 6:00 a.m. From there she races to swim practice, where she is permitted to be thirty minutes late every day. Then she helps the JV swimmers at their practice. After all of this she begins school. When school is over she attends student council meetings.

   Not only does Hailey handle these endless tasks, but she sings, dances, acts, swims, and much more. There is nothing this girl can’t accomplish when she puts her mind to it. As student body president, she’s already initiated music in the hallways during passing periods, and now she wants the school to host a movie night every Friday to help raise money for That’s What Friends Are For, a school fund set up to benefit Leander families in need.

   She admits that she does occasionally get tired of all the work she has to do, but that doesn’t stop her. 

   “I have a goal to impact the world for the better,” Hailey said. She thinks becoming student body president is her first step to reach her goal.

   One of Hailey’s long-term goals is to follow in her parents’ footsteps and attend BYU. She is undecided about her major but has thoughts of practicing law, politics, or teaching.  Yet another goal of hers is to travel to third-world countries in order to help those in poverty by building schools and improving their education system.

   What inspired her to want to help third-world countries was her family trip to Jamaica. “There were people living in boxes and some didn’t even have that,” Hailey said. She clearly has high standards for both herself and the world, and she doesn’t seem to settle for less.

   Although Hailey is herself an inspiration, her own role models are her mom and Helen Keller. She admires their persistence, dedication, and similar goals. She specifically admires her mother because of their closeness and likeness in achievements.

   Hailey is not a typical teenager. She’s generous, charitable, gorgeous, and determined.  She’s part of C², loves hanging out with her friends, and listens to Adele. She is exactly what this school needs to create unity and harmony. As Hailey sees things, this is the first step to changing the world and reaching her full potential. “Leadership is not just a position; it’s how you act and the actions you take,” she said.