IB program celebrates a decade of diplomas

v  By Ashley Bagwell

   One of the hardest possible paths a student can take in high school on the way to earning their diploma involves the rigorous but beneficial International Baccalaureate Programme.

   This year the IB program has hit its 10 year anniversary at Leander High School, and this has called for a chance to reflect back on its growth in the LISD.

   “The ten years reflect the change and growth of Leander ISD,” Heather Scott, IB Coordinator Said.  “Ten years ago, LHS was the only four-year high school in Leander ISD, with CPHS just opening the year before.  Our district now has four high schools, with a fifth opening next year, and a sixth in the planning stages.”

   Out of 644 IB schools in the country there are 44 in Texas alone. Out of these 44 schools the only program offered locally is here at Leander High School, with the next closest IB school being Westwood.

   “Our district is an ideal place for the IB program; as the area has grown, so have the number of IB students, and we anticipate that trend will continue,” Scott said.

   In an effort to commemorate a decade of IB at Leander High School teachers have set to work on planning a celebration to thank their contributors.

    “We have been working and planning a ten-year celebration to be held sometime this spring (date to be determined),” Scott Said. “We want to recognize the commitment of the school board and the district administration to the IB program.   We also need to honor the hard-working faculty and IB teachers at Leander High School, as well as the IB parents who are such a vital part of IB.   Most importantly, we want to celebrate the IB students; they are the key reason the IB program continues to grow and succeed.”

IB physics students experiment with electric current using a Vandegraff Generator. Pictured from left to right: Seth Wynn, Zachary Bowman, Mr. Warner, Zachary Wirth, Bradley Tanton and Matthew Kessler.