Student Spotlight: Megan McPherson


Megan McPherson, sophomore

by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

  Megan McPherson is a sophomore with two dogs and three cats, and would describe herself as independent. She is committed to band, and the last movie she saw was Paranormal Activity 3, which she does not recommend. She does, however, recommend the book Submarine by Joe Dunthorn.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Johnson, who teaches World History AP, because  he treats his students like adults instead of children.

Megan’s favorite thing about Leander High School is that there is unity between the big organizations such as band, the Blue Belles, and football, and that they all support each other in what they do. The only thing she would change would be the time between passing periods, and making advisory an everyday thing to be used as study hall.

Her first three songs on her iPod on shuffle are: I Turn My Camera On by Spoon, I Will Survive by Cake, and I’ll Try Anything Once by Julia Casablancas.

The only difference for her from last year is that the stress level is higher, and her biggest worry is that she won’t be able to accomplish all of her goals.