End of the year; arrival of the yearbook

2015-16 yearbooks arrive for distribution

Austin Graham

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Austin Graham

The boxes filled with yearbook in Mrs.Bell’s room. The total weight of these boxes is 3,200 lbs.

From the end of the previous year, to the end of the next, the yearbook group works on their book. We are Leander, this year’s book, has arrived for distribution and sale. The last date for pre-order was May 2. From now on, the extra books will be sold for $70 at lunches.

“It takes more work than you think,” junior Ashley Horn said. “We have to check all the books and make sure they aren’t damaged or have any mistakes in them, which if they do we have to go through all 800 books and fix them with stickers. Then organize them alphabetically and transfer them to the hallway to begin selling.”

The yearbooks arrive in a collection of boxes, which when combined weigh 3,200 lbs. Mrs.Bell(the yearbook adviser) and her students have to move these boxes to her room where they are opened, separated, checked for misprints, organized and distributed.

“Despite all the complications of trying to figure out the most profitable date to sell the book and all the complications entitling selling a product to the general population, don’t even get me started on pre-orders, it takes a lot of perseverance and patience to handle everything,” assistant editor of the yearbook Christian Mouton said. “It’s worth it in the end though when I see the expressions of glee as people get their book along with the laughter and awestruck faces of the spreads we developed as they read it.”