Turning the tradition around

Amanda Castillo makes the first move


Evan Hays

Amanda Castillo and Carter Wiseman. They are excitingly waiting for homecoming!

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff Writer

Homecoming is right around the corner, so as follows is homecoming proposals. Every year, people come up with new and creative ways on how to ask their date to homecoming. Senior Amanda Castillo had an idea unlike others.

“All day I had my friends and strangers hand him leaves that I had and give them to him without any explanation,” Castillo said. “By the end of the day he had a pocket full of leaves and he was really confused, but then I had a trail of leaves starting at the little theatre and trailing to Mr. Harris’s room where I had lots of fake bushes and plants surrounding me with a sign that said ‘let’s stop beating around the bush… HOCO?’ ”

Castillo told her older sister about the idea of asking her boyfriend, senior Carter Wiseman. She helped her come up with the idea she used to ask him to homecoming.

I admire how caring and thoughtful Carter is. He’s just constantly making sure I’m as happy as I can be and pushing me to be my best and encouraging me constantly.”

— Amanda Castillo

It is usually uncommon for a girl to be the one asking her date to homecoming. A lot of girls expect their partner to ask them, or are too nervous to ask their date themselves.

“I definitely realized how much boys put into these proposals because I felt like it just had to be perfect even though I knew he would say yes,” Castillo said. “Girls always get to experience the excitement in being asked while the guys deal with the stress and anxiety of planning it all, so this switch was definitely eye opening and just an all around a fun experience.”