Barnyard blues

Agriculture department left without water


Chloe Quinn

On Aug. 20, the main water line bursts, and a boil order is enforced by the city of Leander. The boil order lasted for two days.

by Rachel Oliver, Co-Editor in Chief

A fire truck caused a burst in the main water line from a sudden increase in water on Tuesday, Aug. 20. The city of Leander immediately enforced a boil order. This left the school, Shops at Leander complex, Cedar Ridge Apartments and properties along Blueline Drive without safe drinking water.

“The boil order has impacted the [agricultural] department very similarly to how it has impacted the rest of the school,” agricultural science teacher Emily Veraa said.

Veraa said crops aren’t affected as they haven’t been planted yet. However, fresh drinking water is brought in twice a day for the animals in the FFA barn. 

“We want to make sure we make every effort to keep the animals as healthy and safe as possible,” Veraa said.

Clean water is supplied by FFA students who fill tubs with water at home to bring to school.

“It’s frustrating,” senior Sophie Cavanaugh said. “But, everyone at the barn is pretty understanding and we make it work.”

The boil order was lifted by the city of Leander on Thursday, Aug. 22, and lasted two days.

“I have learned that, even though bringing water to the barn [is] a big hassle, it is all worth it when your animals are able to get a fresh drink of uncontaminated water.” senior Sophie Cavanaugh said.