Rain, rain is here to stay

Fun things to do during this rainy weekend


by Erin McSorley, Staff Writer

It’s safe to say that summer is officially over and fall is well on its way. While some of us may have been ready for a temperature drop, it seems as if this cold front has brought with it a string of rainy days that is seeming to never end. As this cold and rainy week looks as if it’s going to carry over into the weekend, don’t let Saturday showers rain on your parade! Here’s a list of fun and relaxing things to do this weekend to keep busy while stuck indoors.

#1 Play a board game

When was the last time you and your friends or family sat down to play Monopoly, Sorry, or The Game of Life? Maybe it’s time to dust off a pair of dice, sit down at the table, and have some old-fashioned (no screens involved) fun. Board games are a great way to pass the time, have a few laughs, and bring out a more competitive side in you and your rainy-day team!

#2 Camp inside

Building forts isn’t just for little kids anymore! All you need to have your own indoor camping adventure is a few chairs, some pillows, and bedsheets. After building your tent, break out the marshmallows and chocolate to cook up some stove-top s’mores! You don’t have to go out into the woods to get the fun camping experience- and just think of the AC you won’t be missing out on!

#3 Have a movie marathon

Everyone thinks to watch a movie on a rainy day, but there is a way to crank it up a notch. Pop some popcorn, gather up all of your favorite snacks, and create a line-up of your favorite movies to pass the time. Call all of your friends over and enjoy a day of lounging around watching all of the films you never have time to see when you’re out in the sun.

#4 Read a book

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler to do, maybe consider curling up with a good book! Take this as a chance to read something you want to read, not a book your English teacher assigned to you. Give it a chance! Be taken away into a whole new world where there is no rain! By sitting in bed and picking up a new book, you can go on a whole adventure from the comfort of your own home.