Turbulent testing

Changes to AP/IB testing

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

There have been a variety of changes to the 2020 AP/IB exam schedule following long term school cancellations due to COVID-19. Both programs have measures in place to ensure students receive the credit they have worked for. 

AP tests will consist only of free response questions with a 45-minute time limit and are designed to be open note. The exams will only cover content that was taught before school cancellations occurred. 

“I’m happy I still get credit of course, but I’m nervous that I don’t know what it will look like,” junior Edward Speer said. “I’m confident in my abilities and in my teachers’ abilities to prepare me.”

IB has canceled all May 2020 exams. Students will still be receiving course and diploma credit from coursework throughout the year. 

“To be honest I am really relieved that they have been canceled because I had some major anxiety about them,” junior Catherine Hoang said. “Although now my grade is almost completely dependent on my [Internal Assessment], I still feel confident that I can do well on them.”