First or second

Is the first movie or its sequel better?

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

Pitch Perfect

Part 1: Pitch Perfect one takes their viewers on a journey with the main character Beca as a freshman at her new college Barden University. The movie focuses on rebuilding the Barden Bellas (girls acapella group) as they compete to win the nationals. When it comes to comedy, the movie houses a good number of funny phrases and scenes that are continuing to be remembered and cherished by those who watched it. Furthermore, the movie also puts a big emphasis on the character development of the group as they each have their own lessons to learn. 

Part 2: However, Pitch Perfect 2 challenges the Barden Bellas as a new group Das Sound Machine ( a german acapella group) threatens their position in both the school and the World Finals. The movie is slightly more humorous than the first with more intriguing characters and more jokes that has the viewers rolling in laughter. The movie also puts a bigger emphasis on the importance of winning the finals unlike the first, which makes the viewer more nervous ultimately making the movie more thrilling to watch. The plot also moves along faster and is more clearer throughout the movie. It allows the movie to flow better, and the reader is more encouraged to finish the rest of the movie. 


Part 1: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a remake of the very first Jumanji with Robin Williams, this time actually taking us into the game along with the other cast. The movie features a hilarious cast of Spencer played by Dwayne Johnsons, Anthony played by Kevin Hart, Bethany played by Jack Black, and Martha played by Karen Gillan. The main characters in the movie are new to the game which makes it more funny and interesting to watch for the viewers. The viewer is able to discover new things along with the characters, and it allows them to be more immersed while watching the movie. Furthermore, the viewer doesn’t know what to expect when watching the movie, and it makes it fresh and exciting. 

Part 2: Jumanji: The Next Level welcomes back the cast to the game of Jumanji after Spencer rebuilds the game and his friends go after him. This time however, the movie features new members of both the game and the real life cast. We are introduced to Ming played by Awkwafina, Eddie played by Danny Devito, and Milo played by Danny Glover. However, those who watched the first Jumanji already know what to expect which makes the movie less thrilling than the first. Despite this, the spin on the game with the older men makes it even more hilarious to watch. Also, the first movie had more for the viewer to decipher, whereas the second didn’t really make us crack our brains that much, yet it was still entertaining. 


Part 1: The first Grease is far more iconic than the second due to the memorable songs and the relationship between Sandy and Danny. Also, the movie has been around longer and it came first. Those who watched it will never forget it, because it is one of the biggest hits in cinema history. The lines, costumes, and plot have inspired many movies and tv shows, however compared to Grease 2, the film is a little antiquated. The humor is also different due to the different times and eras. However, the phrases keep the movie going especially in plays and games.

Part 2: Grease 2 has a more immersive plot and the movie flows better than the first. The relationship between Michael and Stephanie makes the movie a lot more entertaining than the first because unlike Grease 1, they didn’t know each other at first and it’s more of a chase than finding each other. Also, the humor is more in style, especially for those who watch the movie as adolescents from Generation x. While the songs and scenes in the first movie are more cherished, the songs are more catchy and exciting in the second movie. It feels like those who watch it can dance along, unlike the first movie which had slower songs.