Mask Hacks

13 Reasons why masks are good

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

Although masks can be annoying to wear, they can also be found quite useful in daily life. We asked the student body, and here are a few popular mask hacks based on their responses. 


1. People don’t have to do their makeup 

“If you wear a mask, all you really have to do is put on mascara, so it’s good for when I’m in a rush,” junior Mae Oates said. “You only have to do half of your makeup.”

“Whenever I’m running late to work or having a bad skin day, I don’t even have to think about putting on extra makeup because my face is covered anyways,” senior Rachel Oliver said.

2. You don’t have to worry about your resting face

“I like walking around with a mask on because I don’t have to worry about the face I’m making,” Oliver said. “I honestly feel more comfortable in public with half of my face covered. It’s just less to think about!”

3. It helps lower the risk of other viruses 

“It doesn’t just help block COVID germs, it also has helped lower flu counts and other diseases this year,” senior Chloe Albrecht said. “Sometimes I find myself feeling safer with them on, like I have another layer of protection over myself—something of a personal armor, you could say. “

4. No one can smell your breath

“If I forget to brush my teeth one morning no one will notice,” sophomore Billijo Gregory said. “Also NO MORNING BREATH from anyone.”

“If you were running late to school and didn’t get a chance to brush your teeth because you were in such a hurry, no one will smell that stanky breath,” freshman Shakira Lewis said.

5. Hides teeth 

“When I got my braces they looked weird so now I can kinda hide them,” Gregory said. “But I’ll be bummed if I still have to wear them when I get straighter teeth or my braces off.”

6. Don’t have to worry about shaving

“I don’t have to worry about shaving,” senior Russell Naumann said.

7. Keeps face warm in cold

In the cold, it keeps my mouth warm,” Naumann said.

“I think they’re great for tennis, especially in the cold, because they keep my face warm especially my nose,” sophomore Hannah Griffioen said.

8. If you have chapped lips you can hide them

“On days I go to school I feel my lips dry,” Lewis said. “I go to the bathroom and take my mask off and put it right back on and when I took it off my lips were just crusty! Good thing no one could see ’cause.. that would be a nightmare. I didn’t think too much about bringing chapstick, I just thought there was no need, because of the fact that I’m wearing a mask.”

9. Hides acne

“No one can see my acne,” sophomore Kooper Peevey said.

10. Don’t have to talk to people 

“It’s saved me from actually having to talk to people,” freshman Karis Leiva said.

11. Keeps you from touching your face

“I touch my face a lot so it helps so I don’t get bacteria on my face that could cause me to break out,” senior Ashley Braun Said.

12. You don’t have to smile at people

“I believe masks are good because obviously they do their best to keep us safe and I really don’t have to actually smile at people anymore,” Leiva said.

13. It’s a fashion statement 

“It’s honestly a fashion statement matching masks with clothes,” senior Nayleha Rivas said.