Review: Moonies

by Makenna Willliams

Before walking into Moonies, I was already thinking about my negative look on the restaurant. Moonies location was previously Bubba’s Ice House, which was easily my favorite place to eat until it closed several years ago.

 With my first step into Moonies, a western atmosphere gave me a “homey” feeling. Although Bubbas was very fun and exciting when first seen, I was pleasantly impressed with Moonies’ style.

Instead of being waited on at a table, the customer walks up to a stand and orders. I had ordered a ‘Plain Jane’ burger with fries considering that Moonies is known for their Burgers. Overall I spent around $8, which seemed to be the price range for almost any meal that Moonies provides.

i was thoroughy impressed by my meal. The burger had an origial taste and I enjoyed the fries, yet i would have liked them more if they had some seasoning. Overall, it’s safe to say that Moonies had some big shoes to fill, and they are doing a great job keeping up with the burgers that they have been compared to.

Anyone who likes restaurants such as Chilis, Steak and Shake, or any other burger joint would enjoy a meal at Moonies.

On a cleanliness note, i did not feel like the restaurant was abnormally dirty, yet the lighting inside does give somewhat of an awkward feel.

Moonies is located at 200 S. Bell Blvd. in Cedar Park, TX and can be reached at (512) 249-5214. Store hours are Sun-Thurs 11:00-8:30 and Fri-Sat 11:00-9:00.