Zombies go modern

A review on the new TV series iZombie


Design-Gigi Allen

The iZombie Comic

by Gigi Allen, Staff writer

Walking Dead just met its more friendly and comical counter part in iZombie. The creators of Veronica Mars spin a tale about a modern zombie whose life was derailed after attending an unfortunate boat party. She now has lost her perfect fiance, her spot in a top notch residency to become a heart surgeon and now works in the corner’s office where she has a fresh supply of brains to keep her from going “Full Zombie”.

The TV series is based off the DC comic, but instead of Gwen the main character is named Olivia (Rose McIver) or ‘Liv’. She passes off her abilities to see inside the mind of the person’s brain she has ingested as being a psychic gift to her cop partner Clive Babineaux (Malcom Goodwin). The only one who knows her true identity is her co-worker in the morgue, Dr.Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli). With her new abilities she uses her zombie powers to solve crimes, though the brains have some crazy side effects that cause issues in her personal life.

The pilot episode starts out with Olivia in full action as a heart surgeon on the rise. She meets her beautiful fiance after getting invited to a boat party. When she attends, she finds out that it was a test ground for a new designer drug called utopium…which she believes caused the massive zombie outbreak to occur. Running for the water, ‘Liv’ is scratched and wakes up the next morning in a body bag. She now has to survive as a zombie and cope with the losses of not being able to be with the man that she loves and the job that she has fought hard to get. Loosing all motivation, the episode circles Liv in dealing with a new zombie life that has come to bite her.

The comic part of this story was represented in the TV series by starting out as a sketch before scene changes. This added nice visual effects to the episode and gave the viewer a sense of who was who and where they were. The acting was great, bringing in natural influences from Instagram and social media. One could really tell how hard it was on Liv as a zombie to go through each trial while pretending to be a human.

The best character was the coroner, who added stability to Liv’s life by becoming her confidant and supporter. His acting was natural and provided the needed comic relief. He also comes up with the cover for Liv to go as a psychic to explain why she had visions of the victims. He is a provider for Liv and really represents understanding and acceptance of Liv the goth chick and Liv the zombie crime fighter.

In this series the zombie gore is kid friendly and the comedy is saturated in the script. This show is a family friendly TV series that anyone can watch even if they are on the squeamish side. There are three episodes out. The show is on CW and on Hulu. It shows at 8:00 PM on CW. If one was looking for something new and funny but also deep, look no further because this TV show has it all.

Rating: A+

Episodes: 42min

Rated TV-14