Coach Smith previews upcoming football season with “Clinic”

Parents, students learn foundations of upcoming season


Jack Densmore

Head coach Tim Smith discussing the upcoming football season. Both parents and students were encouraged to come to gain information on how the football program will work.

Head coach Tim Smith and the other football coaches hosted a coach’s clinic where they previewed this year’s football season. Parents and students were recommended to go as the clinic gives a lot of information.

“It was a parent meeting,” Smith said. “We went over general information, expectations of players, parents, coaches, [and] communication. At the end, we introduced our base defense and offense.”

Smith talked about what it took to be football players, their strategy and introduced other coaches and their roles to parents.

  • Defensive coordinator: Bill Robertson
  • Offensive coordinator: Dustin Pleasant
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Ryan Dubelbeis
  • Other coaches: Adam Arteaga, Matt Grayless, Zach Weikert, Ruben Cano, Kyle Strugell, Adam McLain, Matt Grissom, Ronny Williams, Will McNeil.

Pleasant, Weikert, Cano and McLain are all newcomers to the football program this year.

Smith also talked about what he calls the “foundation” that the football players and coaches will live by, which is “Faith. Family. Academics. Football. Speed and Strength.”

“If you base every decision in your life, as a high school football kid, on [that foundation] then you’ll probably be in real good shape,” Smith said at the clinic. “And you’ll probably be a darn good football player.”

Smith also encouraged parents to be involved, and discussed the booster club. He also told the parents that while coaches will be hard on their students and that they do care about their players.

“We want you to say your voice,” Smith said to parents. “We want you to be a part of it. We want your support. We need your support.”

To finish their summer practice schedule, the varsity squad will scrimmage Stony Point at Bible Stadium on Friday, August 21 at 8 a.m.

The Lions open their season with an away game at Killeen on August 28.

You can find out more information about the freshman, JV and varsity teams at the team website.