Not Sure What You Want to Do? It’s Okay!

by Cody Arnstadt

Worried. Worried for the future. Worried that they won’t live up to expectations. Worried that they can’t make up their minds on the life that they want to have.

Teenagers in high school are concerned about the future. They feel the need to worry about something but they have a lot of time to consider all of the possibilities of the pursuit of happiness. A lot of people throughout school aren’t certain on the career they wish to pursue after high school or college.

Some students figure out what they want early in life; maybe they found inspiration, or found their passion or goal in life quite early on.

“Taking Journalism 1 and being put on the newspaper staff really pushed me in the direction of wanting to major in communications and having a minor in journalism studies,” junior Valerie Garner said. “I really like journalism. It’s a passion that I have had for a while and really wish to pursue.”

Some people feel guilty because they don’t know what they want to do with their life, but  no one is can be that sure on a topic that large, and people have time to figure it out.

“I don’t find school very appealing to me and in return gives no input in my decision on a career,” said senior Jacob Acuna. “I don’t really worry about my future as much as I should I guess.  I think that if you really like something things will just fall into place, but you will have to work towards in the end. Just follow what you love to do.”

Even though many people today are concerned with the kind of life they want to live, it is alright to accept that you aren’t certain of everything.