We are Leander

Yearbooks are on sale for $60


Photo Illustration by: Danielle Bell

The yearbook is on sale now for $60. After October 31st the price will be raised to $65.

To celebrate National Yearbook Week, The Lair staff is releasing the cover art for this year’s book.

This year’s theme is “We are Leander” and was created by yearbook editor-in-chief senior Autumn Corbin, senior assistant editor Diana Guerrero, junior managing editor Christian Mouton and publications adviser Danielle Bell. The theme was inspired by the traditions and school spirit of the oldest high school in LISD.

“As construction is wrapping up on the 6th high school in LISD, we really thought about who we are as a school and as part of this town, and we wanted to showcase what makes our students, our teachers and our campus the very special place it is and has been for generations in this community,” Bell said.

At Texas A&M High School Communications camp this summer, the editors designed the cover of the book with Stephen Williams, the cover artist who has helped bring the staff’s vision of the last 3 covers to life.

“We felt there was no better way to visually capture what it means to be a Lion than to use an image of one in a prominent and eye-catching way on the cover,” Bell said. “We used shades of black and white on the cover and kept the look simple and traditional, while the inside of the book is modern, fresh and inspired by trends we see in magazines and professional publications.”

In the past three years, the yearbook has always sold out. This year, the staff has ordered more books to be printed. Bell said that it’s easier to pre-order books while they are at the lowest price and pre-ordering guarantees that a book is reserved for you. 

I am excited to show the student body how different we are to those schools and to give back their year to remember forever, because we are one of a kind.

— Autumn Corbin

“I am most excited about the final product,” Corbin said. “Every year has its struggles and it’s fun too, but the best part of the process is the night after I buy [my yearbook] and look at what we have accomplished as a staff.”

The yearbook staff has 14 members including the editors. Each staffer works on assigned spreads, designs pages and takes photos of events that happen during the year at school, keeping an eye on the details that people forget, but want to look back and remember over the years.

“The student body generally doesn’t think about what they do during the year,” Corbin said. “The details about what goes into a mum, that we had a parade this year, [or] that we have a blood drive every year.”

Corbin is ready to give students the memories of this school year.

“Leander High School will always have been here first,” Corbin said. “We are very different from other schools in our district. I am excited to show the student body how different we are to those schools and to give back their year to remember forever, because we are one of a kind.”

Yearbooks are on sale for the lowest price until October 31st. The price goes up to $65 from November 1 until the books arrive in early May. Books cost $70 if they are purchased after they arrive. You can buy your book online at www.balfour.com or by bringing cash or check to Mrs. Bell’s room (2320).