NASA brings GoPro on to International Space Station


Astronauts Terry Virts and Barry Wilmore were reconfiguring the ports of the International Space Station when the GoPro footage was recorded.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

NASA decided to show everyone a first-person perspective of the International Space Station (ISS) earlier in the week.

The video shows a spacewalk and the ISS in orbit around the Earth. NASA astronaut Terry Virts strapped on the GoPro as he started his spacewalk to reconfigure a satellite last February. Two video were actually shot one showing more of the Earth, and one showing the underside of the ISS.

The GoPro recorded a much quieter video than most GoPro videos usually recorded on Earth, but has literally recorded videos out of this world.

“Video like this is the whole reason we built the camera,” spokesperson for GoPro Rick Loughery said on TIME. “To be able to share that perspective with the world.”

The GoPro is much like the one that many people buy here, but is specially built to be handled with large gloves NASA public affairs officer Dan Huot had said on TIME.