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Change mural photographed by Nana Agyei. Many people make New Year's resolutions like goals that they try to achieve during the year.

New Year, new me

by Bri Branscomb, Staff Writer
January 26, 2016
Before the iPhone 5, the headphone jack appeared at the top of the phone. It was until the 5 that the headphone jack was moved to the bottom of the phone for easier use.

New iPhones will not have headphone jacks

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief
December 9, 2015
National Candy Corn Day is the day before Halloween, October 30. #NationalCandyCornDay is often a trend on social media during that day.

Top 10 national holidays in October

by Staff
October 12, 2015
These are the three items received in the mail after purchasing an ACL ticket, including the envelope they're sent in. The wristband is a pass to enter the festival, the paper is an info sheet and the hologram is a collectible with the lineup on the back of it.

Austin City Limits

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor
October 7, 2015
The sausage biscuit combo and some of the other breakfast meals will be available all day.  The announcement was made at 9:30 a.m. on October 6th.

The best breakfast

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief
October 6, 2015
A photo of the Martian surface showing the currents of liquid water. NASA released these images along with their announcement.

Mars shows evidence of water

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief
October 1, 2015
Two powerful signs of peace. Peace signs originated from a protest against nuclear weapons in Britain.

International holiday commemorates peace

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer
September 28, 2015

Let me tell you

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer
July 15, 2015
The New Horizons spacecraft will make a flyby to Pluto and its closest moons. The journey took over three billion miles and 15 years.

Pluto shows its good side

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief
July 14, 2015
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