World Teachers’ Day commemorates teachers around the world

Holiday celebrated around the world


Kyle Gehman

In Rwanda, Africa a 4th grade teacher reads a book to her class. Rwanda has a poor literacy rate teachers are trying to fix because the language spoken, Kinyarwanda, is only spoken in the small country of Rwanda so there are few books in the language.

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer

World Teachers’ Day is the day we celebrate all the work teachers do around the world in more ways than one. They can spend around 9 hours a day during the week at school teaching and during the time they have off they are grading and creating lesson plans. In their spare time giving extra help to students.

“Teachers work so hard for us even though they don’t get paid super well for it,” sophomore Cece Sollock said. “They have to deal with kids every day and work to help us all the time and care about us even though we’re just they’re students.”

According to National Education Association 50% of teachers quit after 5 years and 37% of the teachers blame the low pay. 57% of teachers have received master’s degrees and accountants, nurses and computer programmers are still all paid more than teachers. For some however being able to work with kids and knowing they are affecting kids lives every single day is all the pay they need.

“I love teaching because I feel like I get back a lot more than I give,” LHS Spanish teacher Mrs. Penelope Feliciano said. “I feel loved and appreciated every day by my students in different ways. Being a teacher makes me always want to better myself as a person because I know I am an example to follow and being a part of so many lives is a true blessing.”

I would do it for free if I won the lottery.”

— Mrs. Feliciano

Around the world there are teacher conferences to discuss how to have better education around the world, celebrations for teachers and symbolic actions to show respect for teachers. In Belgium schools around Brussels the school bells are rung to signal that the bell to leave class shouldn’t be more important than your education. In Ireland it is encouraged to have tea with teachers a student respects and donate to Global Schoolroom. In Nepal there are rallies supporting teachers work in the community. All around teachers are appreciated by people for giving students the opportunity to succeed whether it is on World Teachers’ Day or not.

Even conqueror Alexander the Great once said, “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”