National Day of Unplugging begins

Holiday to take a break from technology begins


Kyle Gehman

The holiday goes from March 4 to the 5. People are encouraged not to use their phones for a day.

by Kyle Gehman and Garret Gage

The National Day of Unplugging will be starting at sundown on March 4 and going until sundown on March 5, with the goal of encouraging people to get off of their phones and social media websites in order to go outside and communicate with people in person or to just read or ride a bike.

“It may have a positive impact, it just depends on the people,” senior Eric Lerma said. “Some people don’t seem too keen for outlandish and rather reasonable purposes, like for example a person would rather be on social media than talk to people but it is justifiable if someone is dating another but goes to another school or lives far away.”

He also thinks it reflects on society as a whole.

I think that holidays like these are definitely needed to help kids, especially teenagers.

— Jessica Trevarthen

“At points where society becomes enslaved in social media and lose personal physical connection drastically, then it may help as far as attachment to the digital world is connected,” Lerma said.

Technology is now being more available and more integrated into society, but sophomore Jessica Trevarthen thinks it needs to be scaled back more and that this holiday can help.

“I think that holidays like these are definitely needed to help kids, especially teenagers, reconnect and engage with their family and friends without the distractions of social media, games and etc,” Trevarthen said.