In the Locker Room: Girls Basketball Featuring Sonya Reyes

Senior Sonya Reyes describes her experience being on the Lady Lions varsity basketball team


Siandhara Bonnet

Sonya prepares to shoot the ball

“Dribble it! Pass it! We want a basket!” The squeaking of tennis shoes and the bouncing of a basketball are heard loud and clear from the gym on Friday evenings when the Lady Lions varsity basketball team is hurrying the ball across the court in hopes of defeating that evening’s opponent. During all of the excitement of the game, the Lady Lions are counting on senior shooting guard Sonya Reyes to contribute to a victory.

“We mainly run through plays when we practice,” Reyes said. “We also play against each other a lot.”

She has contributed to 9 victories so far this season. Reyes is dedicated and hard working, and as a result of that, all but one of her stats are above the national average, according to Max Preps. She has an average of six points per game and continues to improve. Sonya has been playing basketball since she was in 7th grade and has enjoyed it ever since. Reyes is also involved in Fellowship Christian of Anyones and is in AP US Government and Pre-Calculus.

“It’s really hard [balancing basketball and advanced classes],” Reyes said. “I stay up kind of late doing homework, but I get it all done.”

Just like any other teenager, Reyes enjoys hanging out with her friends and sleeping in her spare time. If she hadn’t decided to play basketball, it’s probable she would have picked up running track. After Reyes graduates, she hopes to take her basic classes at Austin Community College and move on to Texas State and earn a degree in Physical Therapy.

“[Being on the team] takes dedication and a lot of hard work, and you really have to know your teammates well.” Reyes said. “You also have to get along with the coaches.”

The Lady Lions varsity team will play their next game against the Georgetown Lady Eagles on Friday, December 19th at 3:30 p.m.