DI Team Wins 3rd and 4th place at competition

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

Destination Imagination is a creative program where students compete on teams to solve open-ended challenges.

Leander has one team made up of seven students: sophomores Joci Guerra, Nico Champion, Christian Vieira, Elias Martinez, and Kade Ferguson; and juniors Alan Champion and Brian Omondi.

On March 2, the team competed at Dripping Springs HS against 6 other teams in Challenge D: Change in Realitee (improvisation); they tied for 3rd with Vista Ridge.
For their challenge, the team had 4 rules:
• To create a 5-minute improv (improvisation) skit about life after a dramatic change and how the characters adapt to this change
• Learn about different communication techniques and integrate one into the skit
• Use only white t-shirts, washable markers and team members to create all costumes, sets and props
• Create a slogan from three randomly selected nouns

“Honestly, that’s probably that’s the best we’ve done because in the past 5 years we’ve gotten like 5th and 4th, and so I think we’ve really improved on our improv skits,” Guerra said.
The team also did another challenge called Extreme DI and placed 4th. In Extreme DI, teams are given an hour to prepare a skit for the judges, and have no idea what challenge they will be given that day.
“It was fun; we had like an hour to prepare, and since we’re more of an improv group we just kinda played around making things out of things, and near the very end we realized we hadn’t really come up with anything, and then we were like, we’re really good at improv, so we might as well just try and improv it,” Guerra said. “Nico was kind of a narration-type person throughout our skit, and it really helped the way the skit flowed.”