Creating love

Jared Bouloy starts Amare to help others


Kyle Gehman

Senior Jared Bouloy speaks at the Veterans Day ceremony. Bouloy has applied to several military academies and hopes to serve his country one day.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

Jared Bouloy has a full day. He writes a last minute prompt for Youth and Government. Once done with that his next item is helping children with PALS, but suddenly he is running off at cross country and track. When practice is over, he ends his day with a job at Lifetime Fitness, but something stops him from going to bed. It wiggles into his brain and doesn’t let go. His need to help others.

Bouloy isn’t wasting his time with senioritis or goofing off. He sat down with his partner, talked about a problem and they both together found a solution. He is making change. Bouloy created the group Amare, the word love in latin, as a way to help inspire others in his community.

“I started amare because I believe that inspiration is one of the most powerful things on this earth,” Bouloy said. “People who are close to me have shared their stories with abuse and mental illness, and I believe that their stories can inspire others in similar situations. I believe that serving your people is the highest thing that you can dedicate yourself to.”

Dedication not wasted. It lead to a lawyer becoming interested in helping them gain a 501c3.

I honestly think the lawyer was sent from God,” Bouloy said. “Now that we are a nonprofit, we have so many more things that we can do because we can legally collect money and have other businesses take us seriously. We are looking to make a tangible impact in the community with events like the forum we held at LHS.”

Bouloy and his group held a school wide forum on abuse and mental illness. It stressed opening up and talking about what was going on in students lives and minds.

“I tell myself that there are no excuses,” Bouloy said. “I have to get things done if Amare is ever going to have any kind of impact. I see so many people at our school that need help, it’s a huge problem. How are we supposed to fix something if we can’t even talk about it? I hope that we have a notable presence in the community and are able to provide treatment for students who are in tough situations.”

In the future, Bouloy’s need to help others doesn’t end with Amare. He hopes to serve as an officer in the U.S. Navy SEALs and as a U.S. senator. As for Amare’s future, the creators hope for it to continue being student led. If a student wants to join the cause, ambassadors applications are online.

Several people have been brave enough to share their stories with me,” Bouloy said. “All have lead to my great inspiration. Amare is founded upon inspiration with the stories that we have on our website and the brave guest speakers that spoke at the forum. We hope to be hosting forums at more schools and be providing direct help to students at LHS and others.“