Rodeo Austin ready to cowboy up


Courtesy of Flickr CC

A longhorn steer is just one of the animals on display during the Rodeo.

by Michelle Parker, Staff Writer

Rodeo Austin officially started last Friday with the free Cowboy Breakfast, quickly followed by the famous barbecue. The Rodeo will run from March 12 to the 26 at the Travis County Expo Center in North Austin.

The Rodeo includes a fair, stock show and a rodeo every night coupled with a concert by artists like Willie Nelson and Smokey Robinson. A full list of artists can be found on the Rodeo’s website.

“I’m excited for the Willie Nelson show,” sophomore Miranda Hidrogo said. “I’m a big fan of his so I bought tickets immediately after I heard.”

There are several ways that students can be involved with Rodeo events. Students can enter in the stock show, art show, or volunteer. Family friendly events are included as well.

“I missed the deadline this year for the art show, but I think it would’ve been a really good experience to enter,” freshman Amy Wu said. “I’m looking forward to entering next year.”

Rodeo Austin is one of the largest collegiate scholarship providers in Central Texas, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Recently, they hosted the Cowboy Breakfast on March 4th to kick off Rodeo Austin which served 60 gallons of hot chocolate, more than 5,000 breakfast tacos, and more than 300 pounds of sausage and donuts.

“It was difficult to attend the Cowboy Breakfast because it was a school day and it’s located in Austin,” Wu said. “It’s always worth the trip though. The food is all free and Krispy Kreme sponsored them this year.”

Krispy Kreme built an American flag out of donuts at the breakfast, resonating with the Rodeo’s mission to “preserve western heritage”. Krispy Kreme also donated thousands of donuts to hand out.
“The donuts were my favorite,” Wu said. “There was pancakes and everything but those donuts [were amazing].”