Avoiding Threats

by Arie Shaver, Staff Writer

It seems like almost every day on the news we see stories of how a person has been assaulted, robbed, or killed. This can cause you to be fearful when interacting with people or when you find yourself alone. However, practicing these simple safety precautions can allow you to live a life that is as danger-free as possible especially now that the weather is warming up.

Appear Confident

Attackers like to go for people who appear to be weak. These are people who like to look down at the ground and seem to be unsure. You will less likely be attacked if you maintain a good posture and look directly ahead. And don’t be afraid to look someone directly in the eyes as this usually can be intimidating.

Know your surroundings

If you are returning home and there is a new person or car nearby, take precaution and stay alert. It’s also best to look in all four directions around you constantly so that you won’t get a surprise from behind or an area not in your line of vision.

Keep your keys in hand

When approaching cars, you do not want to fumble with your keys, especially at night when you are alone. Before you leave a destination, put your keys in hand. Keys can also be a weapon if you aim for the eyes or put them between your fingers and punch.

Keep phone charged

Being out with a dead cellphone can be dangerous. Should you need to call 911 or a friend or parent, a dead phone will make you unable to do so. Allow your phone to be fully charged before going out so that you can use it if you need it, and consider buying a portable charger if you use your phone constantly throughout the day.

Keep doors and windows locked

It is good to make sure the doors and windows are locked when you are at home. You cannot be sure of your safety if you are leaving your doors open to strangers.