JV boys take on Cedar Park


Austin Graham

JV red player about to steal 2nd base

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

With bats swinging and sunflower seeds being spit, the JV boys red and blue fought hard against the Cedar Park Timberwolves. In an unfortunate turn of events, both teams ended in defeat. JV blue’s outcome was 10-0 and JV red’s was 8-7.

“We played hard and competed well,” sophomore Seth Venner said, “but we had one bad inning and that cost us the game.”

Similar to the blue team, the red team lost due to a few bad innings. The players, while talented, weren’t giving their all towards this game during those innings.

“When the game first started we weren’t ready to play,” sophomore John Strubel said, “but once the game got deeper in, we were more involved. Sadly we lost because we were not ready when the game started.”

The next game will be April 10 at Marble Falls at 7 p.m for the blue team. The red team’s next game is April 6 against Hutto at Leander 6 p.m.