Baseball Loading the Bases and Stealing Some Wins


by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

Vista Ridge put up a good fight for the baseball team this past week; The first game of the week (3/25) the Lions won 4-3, and on Friday the score was 5-1 Vista Ridge.
The Lions had a bit of a home field advantage for their win. At first the game was in Vista Ridge’s favor, but after a pep talk from coach the lions picked things up.
“Coach said, ‘we’re still in this, let’s go out and win us this one. It’s pretty even right now, let’s go out and take it,” Junior Jake Montgomery said. “[Another big part of our comeback was when] We had bases loaded and we scored a couple rounds out of that. So that got a lot of momentum for us.”
The team needs momentum and a good pitcher to win their game. In the dug-out, the players shout and cheer for their team when they bat. Friday’s loss was due to some unexpected skills on Vista’s team.
“We weren’t ready to win on Friday, we didn’t come out playing as hard as we could, and they had their best guys going,” Nathan Imig said. “They pitched their best guy Friday which made a big difference.”
Baseball’s next game is April 4th at Dripping Springs.